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Have you every spotted a dog in the wild and thought, “Wow, that is a certified Good Boy, 13/10, would recommend?” Then this is the perfect card game for you. 

The viral Twitter account WeRateDogs , or, “Your Only Source For Professional Dog Ratings,” according to their Twitter bio, has teamed up with Chronicle Books to release a new competitive dog-ranking game.

According to the game’s description, We Rate Dogs! The Card Game will have 3-6 players battling to show off only the best of dogs. You’ll be able to “choose your favorite puppers to enter into a competitive dog show, use cards to improve their rating, bring down the competition, or cause chaos for a puptastic good time!” 

The game is slated to be released May 14, but is available for preorder now for $24.95. 

WeRateDogs knows what they’re doing in this department — they’re not only an authority on dog ranking (frequently rating them above 10/10), but have also been a major influence on internet doggolingo. You can thank them, as well as similar groups such as Dogspotting, for language like as “pupper,” “bork,” “doggo,” and “h*ckin good pup”. 

If you’re worried about picking a winner out of a pack of perfect dogs, they’ve got you covered. The preorder states, “Only one dog can be named Best in Show, but not to worry: no dog will ever be less than a 10/10!”

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