Explore the 2018 edition of the Top 500 Private Companies, featuring the biggest private firms in Australia.

IBISWorld‘s Top 500 Private Companies list is ranked by revenue.

The list includes public unlisted companies, partnerships, associations and private companies.

To compile the list, IBISWorld gathered data through primary research, ASIC-lodged company reports and its own appraisals of company revenue based on historic data and industry analysis.

(1) Method used by industry: advertising – income; banking & finance – gross income (gross interest plus fees); franchises & co-operatives – includes the sales turnover of independent franchisees; gaming companies – wagering revenue after deducting statutory returns to customers from wagering turnover plus other income; insurance companies – premium income, reinsurance and other recoveries revenue and investment income; law & accounting – gross income; tobacco & petroleum – sales revenue (net of excise duty & taxes) plus other income; trading companies – sales revenue plus other revenue; and travel agencies – commission & fees from the provision of travel services.

(2) Revenue figures from discontinued operations are excluded.

(3) Information presented in this list is representative of data either publically available or directly sourced from respective companies. IBISWorld does not audit or perform due diligence on companies featured on this list. Prior-year figures may be restated due to the availability of updated information or upon request.

(4) NON-STANDARD YEAR: Current year (marked with #) Fitness and Lifestyle Group – 12/08/2016 to 30/06/2017 (11 months, company registered in 2016); The Co-op and Australian Geographic – 10 months (change in balance date).

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