Ronda Rousey‘s meteoric rise in WWE continued Sunday, as she defeated Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, New York, to become the new Raw women’s champion.

Bliss did her best to try to frustrate Rousey by staying outside of the ring and running to the ropes. She couldn’t avoid Rousey forever, though. Eventually, Rousey got ahold of Bliss’ left arm and didn’t let go. Bliss tapped out within seconds of Rousey locking in the armbar.

The Miami Herald‘s Scott Fishman noted Rousey is the first woman to be a champion in WWE and UFC.

Rousey got her first opportunity at the title against Nia Jax at Money in the Bank on June 17, but the opportunistic Bliss interrupted.

After winning the Money in the Bank contract earlier in the night, Bliss prevented Rousey from making Jax tap or pass out and then beat The Irresistible Force to win the title for the third time.

The manner in which Bliss stole the title infuriated Rousey, and it led to her snapping on the ensuing episode of Raw.

After Bliss mocked Rousey and called her an “overhyped rookie,” the former UFC star attacked her and then hit Raw general manager Kurt Angle with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

That resulted in Angle suspending Rousey for 30 days.

While the UFC Hall of Famer was banned, she appeared in the crowd during the Raw Women’s Championship match between Bliss and Jax at Extreme Rules on July 15.

With Mickie James getting involved on Bliss’ behalf, Rousey jumped the barricade and interjected herself into the match as well. Despite that, Bliss managed to escape with the title in tow.

Rousey again set her sights on Bliss the following night when she came through the crowd and attempted to place both Bliss and James in her patented armbar.

Angle stopped her before too much damage was done and rewarded her with a title match against Bliss at SummerSlam.

Although she only has a few matches under her belt, Rousey is among the most popular Superstars WWE has to offer.

It can be argued her popularity grew even more leading up to SummerSlam since Bliss is such a strong heel whom most of the WWE Universe wanted to see receive her comeuppance.

Sunday’s bout was a physical mismatch, but the story it told was among the most compelling on the card.

In the end, Rousey emerged as the Raw women’s champion, marking one of the quickest ascents to the top of the pro wrestling industry ever.

Rousey is oozing with credibility, and it stands to reason there will be even more interest in the WWE women’s division heading toward the Evolution pay-per-view on October 28 with her as champion.

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