Will he win? Only the internet can decide.
Will he win? Only the internet can decide.

Image: Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Robert Downey Jr. mustache Twitter a very important question

The Iron Man himself assembled an elite force of very opinionated Twitter users when he put his fellow Avengers co-stars on blast. With some throwback photos, he called upon the forces of the internet, asking them to settle the debate once and for all — who wore it best? 

Some fans immediately jumped into their extremely valid (and slightly thirst-driven) opinions. 

For others, though, the competition was getting a little too hairy. So, naturally, the memes started rolling in.

Personally, I think Twitter has got this ALL wrong. You want to know who wore it best out of everyone in the entire MCU? Have you forgotten about cameo legend, Stan Lee? 

You heard the man. “‘Nuff said.” 

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